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Brief Introduction of Changchun

Date: 2018-01-19 10:50:00   Author: kingstdio

Changchun City is located in the hinterland of Northeast China that is situated in mid-latitude zone of the Northern Hemisphere and east coast of the Eurasia. The city is adjacent to Songnen Plain in west, Changbai Mountain in east, and Liaohe River and Siping in south, and faces Harbin across Lalin River in north. Changchun, capital city of Jilin Province, covers a territory area of 20,604 square kilometers, with Yushu City, Jiutai City, Dehui City, Nong’an City, Chaoyang District, Kuancheng District, Nanguan District, Erdao District, Lvyuang District, and Shuangyang District under its jurisdiction. The populations are 7.51 million, covering 38 ethnic groups, such as Han ethnic group, Manchu ethnic group, Korea ethnic group, Mongolian ethnic group, and Hui ethnic group.

Besides main native products “three treasures in Northeast China” (ginseng, pilose deer horn, and marten), there are glossy ganoderma, russian boschnai aki herb, matsutske, monkey head fungus, beargall powder, frog oil, and Roseroot in the city, which are warmly favored by tourists at home and abroad. Local crafts include Manchu paper cutting, color painting and wood carving, three-dimensional birds nests, Manchu masks, Baicao Picture (Hundred-herb Picture), and shaman drums.

The Changchun catering brings together the essence of domestic and foreign cuisine culture. You can taste food around the world in Changchun. The most characteristic dish in the city is Jilin-style dishes that reflect the Kanto culture and top the new eight cuisines in China.

The most characteristic program is Northeast Song and Dance Duet Performance with a humorous, relaxed, and cheerful style. Liu Laogen Grand Stage, Dongbeifeng Theater, and Heping Theater are main concourses to perform the program Northeast Song and Dance Duet Performance. Large-sized square cultural activities include Manchu, Korean song and dance performances, Northeast Song and Dance Duet Performance, concerts and other special performances. Northeast Yangko that reflects local characteristics of Northeast China is the most brilliant and wonderful work in the Northeast China folk culture. The Yangko is always performed at major activities, such as Changchun Ice and Snow Festival, Changchun Agriculture (Food) Fair, Auto Expo, Changchun Film Festival, and International Education Expo, is highbrow art and literature with unique style, and adds a beautiful landscape to the city cultural life.

More information: Government of JiLin Province and travel in Jilin and travel in ChangChun 

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